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Third National Car Project Was Plagiarized From The People, Says Dr Mahathir

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Third National Car Project Was Plagiarized From The People, Says Dr Mahathir

In an interview with the Singaporean Straits Times, Tun Dr Mahathir spoke out about the proposed third national car project among many other issues that are currently being debated. He believes that the third national car project is one that the Malaysian people want, or is "plagiarized from the people" as he states himself.

The third national car project was cited as an example of his willingness to approach new ideas rather than shooting them down. This proposed national car project would help to spur growth and create numerous jobs in the automotive sector, although it comes along with the risk of failure that he says the new government is willing to take.

Among the other issues that are currently debated, the more prominent one is the fuel subsidy mechanism for RON 95. As we've explained in a previous article, there are many issues with the implementation and mechanisms that need to be properly thought out to prevent abuse and make sure these subsidies are going to the right people. 

Granted, these will not be the only issues that we will be facing as a country in the coming years, especially with a huge amount of debt being held over our heads - but as it is with tackling any bunch of problems, it always helps to start with the ones you can address easily to get the ball rolling.

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