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This Is How It Really Looks Like Inside The Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team Paddock

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This Is How It Really Looks Like Inside The Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team Paddock

Amongst all Formula One teams, the collaboration between Shell and Ferrari has become so synonymous with Scuderia Ferrari, that it has simply gone beyond that of a strategic partnership.

Both Shell and Ferrari has worked so well together that not only both companies benefit greatly from the deep engineering transfer from their sports program to commercial use, but upon spanning more than half a century, the partnership resulted in Scuderia Ferrari amassing 12 Driver's Title and 10 Constructors' Championships. The most successful Formula One team ever. 

As we all know Formula One technology is deeply secretive and highly technological, hence the paddocks of each company has always been off limits to the public, but for the first time ever, Scuderia Ferrari and Shell has created a super high tech digital walk in interactive experience for everyone. 

And today, we are virtually bringing you into Scuderia Ferrari's pit and paddock area, to let you experience first hand, just how legends are made, records are shattered, and science and technology progressed.

Because the fuel and engine oil used in the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One cars, are actually 99% identical to what we find in usual Shell petrol stations. Hard to believe? Well, please do spend a good amount of time exploring and be amazed. (I myself spent about 3 hours and its mind boggling) 

For the best experience, hook up your laptop to your large LCD screen TV and logon to SCUDERIA FERRARI UNCOVERED (FireFox and Chrome preferred)

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