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This is the way PMX! - Touch 'n Go monopoly to be looked at

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This is the way PMX! - Touch 'n Go monopoly to be looked at

Our current Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, wants to reconsider Touch 'n Go's monopoly.

Most of us, including Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, realise that Touch 'n Go virtually has the market to itself, which is why PMX hinted that he would reconsider the Touch 'n Go monopoly, especially when the toll system is not showing any convincing progress.

Malaysia prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim Touch n Go

Answering a question at the "Meet Anwar" dialogue session, on whether the government has any plans to revisit Touch 'n Go, Anwar said: "I think you are right. We will consider it again," he said.

We can't blame Anwar's sentiment, especially when other countries such as Indonesia and Singapore have implemented more efficient toll systems in the last half-decade, while highway users in Malaysia still have to face miserable queues when the toll system in our country fails to work.

Toll BentongPicture credit: Mekanika

The most recent example was the nightmare traffic jam at the Bentong toll, as road users did not move for an hour because the Touch 'n Go payment system was broken.

For the longest of time, Malaysians have been wishing for a better toll system, and it can only get better if Touch 'n Go has some competition as it can give them a genuine effort to be better or else get left behind by the competitor. 

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