Tokyo 2015: Mazda Set To Unveil New Sports Car Concept at Tokyo. Is this the Revival of the RX-series?


Mazda says that the new concept is suppose to maintain a sense of lineage and authencity, appearing to "condense Mazda's entire history of sports car development into a single model". Aside from that rather stirring statement, there are no hints or additional information as to what exactly is beneath that veil of secrecy, but Mazda will be lining up the concept car alongside the Koeru Concept SUV, two racing-spec Mazda MX-5s, and the 1967 rotary-powered Cosmo Sport.

With a little Photoshop editing we can see that it adopts a very sensuous body, its long bonnet and curved C-pillar reminds us of the jaw-dropping Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, overhead there is Zagato-like double-bubble roof design, and there is the unmistakable black strip that connects the two taillights, a clear homage to the beautiful third-generation RX-7.

Could this concept herald the return of the rotary-powered RX sports car that many have rumoured about? We will only know for sure when the wraps come off at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Till then, we can only hope that of all the hopeful concepts that Mazda has made thus far, this will be the one that would be quickly brought to production reality.  

Daniel Wong

Born with a sizable cranium that is only humbled by Rubens Barrichello's, Daniel doesn't care much for numbers or figures but the immediate sensations and experiences one gets from a drive. To him a measure of a good car is one that does what it was set out to do well. A great car is one that draws a smile on your face with a quality that isn't quantifiable and keeps it there.


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