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Tokyo 2019: The Toyota Granace Will Be The Pinnacle Of People Moving In Luxury

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Tokyo 2019: The Toyota Granace Will Be The Pinnacle Of People Moving In Luxury

Take a Toyota Alphard and add a fourth row - what you get is something Toyota plans to unveil at this year's Tokyo Motor Show in the coming month. It's the Toyota Granace, and it is perhaps the most epic luxury people mover you can get. 

Based off of the Hiace H300 platform, the Granace is already available in a variety of other markets under various different names - but these next few months will mark an introduction to Japanese consumers. The powertrain follows that of the Hiace as well, with a 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine sending power to the rear wheels through a six speed automatic transmission.

It's hard to make a people mover look good, and yet Toyota has somehow pulled it off with a sort of almost-neotokyo-cyberpunk look that really works well with a jet black paint scheme. The interior is available in either six or eight seater configurations, which actually kind of makes sense if you want to carry six people but also need luggage room for six.

The interior is as luxurious as a high-spec Alphard, with soft touch materials everywhere and three rows of Captain Chairs. There's even ambient lighting to keep occupants comfortable - especially important when travelling at night, as the darkness throughout the vehicle can be a little unsettling or disorienting against a lit cityscape.

To top it all off is the latest version of Toyota Safety Sense, with the most updated version of its pre-collision system that detects cyclists and pedestrians and the like, as well as parking aids that reduce damage from low speed collisions in car parks.

So, tell us what you think. Would you want to see it being brought in officially, or is the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire enough luxury and space? To find the best deals on Toyota models, click here.

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