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Trapo Car Mats: You Owe It To Yourself And Your Vehicle

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Trapo Car Mats: You Owe It To Yourself And Your Vehicle

Looking for premium custom-made car mats? Then look no further than Trapo.

Your vehicle's interior is one of the best places to invest in aftermarket products. After all, this is where you spend most of your time. You can purchase all the fancy gadgetry and accessories money can buy, but nothing beats sprucing up your vehicle's interior quite like a set of good car mats.

From personal experience, this used to be easier said than done. No car mats really met the criteria of easy to clean and maintain as well as looking stylish, that is until I stumbled across Trapo Car Mat Malaysia.

Trapo Mats

Trapo Car Mats are a locally produced car mat manufacturer. They tailor-make car mats specifically for each car model and have a fast turnaround time. If online shopping is your forte, it's as easy as choosing the suitable model for your car, purchasing them online, and it will be sent out to you in a few days. I was honestly shocked how fast they can tailor-make the car mats and send them out to you.

However, the best bit about Trapo car mats is the mats themselves, as they are easy to clean, dries quickly, and are also anti-bacterial, which in other words helps to keep your interior look clean, dashing and odourless, unlike conventional rubber mats.

Trapo Mats X50
Trapo car mats are also lovely to step on as they are made from EVA foam, the same material found on shoes, children's play mats and helmet linings. If it's durable enough to be applied to shoes, soft enough to be a helmet's lining and safe enough for kids, we know it’s good enough for your vehicle's interior.

Also, unlike aftermarket carpets, you'd never have to readjust or recentre Trapo car mats, because at the bottom end of the Trapos are either Velcro strips or a patented grabber material called Trapo Fix. 

Trapo Fix is a revolutionary option to replace conventional velcros, consisting of microfibers that gently grab onto the floorboard yet provide the best anti-slip experience without damaging the floorboard carpets. No longer do you have to keep adjusting your car mats, which, to be quite frank, is irritating. 

Trapo Mats for X50

They have many different car mats available, including mats for cars such as the Proton X50, Perodua Ativa, Proton X70, Toyota Vios, and Honda City. Surprisingly, they even make car mats for my 20-year-old Land Rover. So go ahead and make your purchase today here and as a bonus delivery is FREE!

Once you go Trapo, you never go back! 



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