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Vehicle Insurance Optional Coverage – What Should You Get?


Vehicle Insurance Optional Coverage – What Should You Get?

Every one of our vehicles is covered by an insurance policy in order to protect us, the owners, from financial loss or damage in the event of a mishap involving the vehicle.

Even though a Comprehensive insurance policy (first party) offers arguably the widest coverage among other plans, there is still room for more protection, which explains why there are still other optional benefits.

However, since optional coverage means optional charges, it is important to understand what they offer in order to know which ones to pick and which ones to pass.

That being said let us look at some of the optional coverage offered by motor insurance policy providers, and what we think you should get.

1) Windscreen coverage

For an extra premium, a vehicle’s coverage is extended to insure damages against the windscreen or windows of the car.

Since windscreen coverage is a one-time purchase only plan, the coverage will cease once it has been claimed, and the policyholder will need to purchase another cover to insure against windscreen damage in the future. 

This, in our opinion is a must have as the windscreen and windows are among the components of a car that is completely exposed to exterior damage, making them among the first things to be damaged in case of an accident.

2) Coverage against natural disaster

This is an optional benefit that covers damages that are caused by natural disasters such as floods, typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, and landslides among others. Although the chances of our vehicles being damaged by hurricanes and earthquakes are slim, floods and thunderstorms happen all the time. Hence, it is advisable to get this coverage just to be safe. Remember the submerged cars on Jalan Duta last October? 

3) Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotion

What if your vehicle gets damaged in a riot or a commotion? There is coverage for that too but what are the chances? Since riots rarely happen in Malaysia (fortunately), this is something that we think you can pass.

So, while many focus only on the price of the premium they will be paying, vehicle owners should actually take a moment and think about what would be the best coverage their vehicle needs, depending on where they live, where they travel to often, and the nature of their jobs among other factors that will help them decide.

The last thing one needs is to get caught in an unwanted situation, and regret not having taken a particular additional coverage just because they wanted to save some cash.

*Pic credit to The Star

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