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VIDEO: All-New 2015 Mitsubishi Triton Exterior And Interior Tour

Jim Kem May 27, 2015 16:20

The Mitsubishi Triton has been a big player in the pickup truck market in Malaysia. Walking the line between urban cruiser and utilitarian workhorse. And now that there’s a new one on the market, we bring you a detailed video tour.

You might have already seen a lot of this car. Indeed we’ve covered an early picture of its interior, previewed it while on display at a showroom, showcased at Mid Valley Megamall, covered its official launch and written about the Mitsubishi’s shift to sub 3.0-litre diesel engines.

But words can only take you so far. Our video below will take you through the nooks and crannies of the all-new 2015 Mitsubishi Triton so you can experience the pickup truck without having to set foot in one. Of course, should you want to, then by all means visit your nearest Mitsubishi Malaysia dealership. 

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