Mitsubishi Announces CarPlay, Android Auto Compatibility

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Mitsubishi Announces CarPlay, Android Auto Compatibility

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are features that more and more manufacturers are opting to bake in with their newest models. Mitsubishi Motors Corp has joined that club, and in doing so joins Hyundai and Chevrolet among other early adopters.

With plans to debut the infotainment solution this summer in an SUV in Europe, Mitsubishi will roll out the technology in a wider range of models and markets as reported by Automotive News. The smartphone connectivity systems will allow the car to show a projected car-specific interface on its central display.

Mitsubishi revealed that the 2016 Pajero will be the first to carry it, but while the range and markets was expected to grow, a company spokesperson that spoke to declined to reveal a specific timeline.

The Japanese automaker dubs their in-car system Smartphone Link Display Audio system (SDA) that will have compatibility for both Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto, and will run either interface depending on which make of smartphone is plugged in.

By offering the latest technologies, expressed Mitsubishi’s aim to heighten its brand image above that of a budget brand, correlating with their efforts to become a leader in electrified plug-in hybrid drivetrains.

CarPlay, for example, is offered on two Ferrari models, with Volvo and Mercedes-Benz on course to offer it in their cars soon. Other manufacturers are expected to follow suit. 

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