VIDEO: Car Thieves Caught On Camera Trying To Steal Honda Jazz


VIDEO: Car Thieves Caught On Camera Trying To Steal Honda Jazz

Be careful with where you park your cars, folks. Watch these thieves in action, and be mindful of the ever-present danger of leaving your car unattended to.

The incident is believed to have taken place just yesterday at around 4am in the morning, in front of a Speedmart convenience store in Jalan Ipoh.

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The thieves start by rolling up to the car with intentions to pry out the Honda Jazz’s aftermarket front bumper. A second thief then comes along and tries to work on the car’s door lock, but fails.

In the end, the three-man team have to settle for the front bumper, having failed at breaking into the Jazz.

It’s another harsh reminder to make sure you always park your cars in safe locations, never leaving it alone to be preyed upon by scum like this.

The thieves were also brave enough to not hide their faces, so, should you recognise them, do notify the authorities.

Cubaan mencuri kereta honda jazz.

Cubaan mencuri kereta honda jazz.Kejadian berlaku pada jam 4.00 pagi di pekan batu jalan ipoh kl. didapati 3 orang pemuda melayu memandu honda jazz (pintu depan berwarna merah, body berwarna silver) dan didapati cubaan melarikan kereta honda jazz (putih) tetapi tidak berjaya..pada kejadian itu pencuri hanya sempat mencabut bumper depan dan belakang shaja..minta tolong ade sape2 kenal tak suspek ?More : Sukan Star TV @ Sukan Star .com @

Posted by Sukan Star TV on Wednesday, 2 September 2015

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