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VIDEO: High Speed Justice - Abu Dhabi Police Film Supercar Chase Scene With Ferrari 458, McLaren 12C, and Nissan GT-R

Jim Kem October 22, 2015 13:12

Over the past year alone, we think the police departments of the United Arab Emirates has effectively proven that it has one of the most enviable garages; one that has a routine flow of supercars and white-hot exotica. "The very thing you need to apprehend cash-rich criminals at high speed", I’m sure they would say. Also, its undeniably just plenty of fun.

To flex their muscles and demonstrate how effective they are at nabbing crooks in their own supercars, the Abu Dhabi police have taken it upon themselves to film a Hollywood-style cops and robbers action scene set to the backdrop of the UAE's wide and expansive desert highways and the soundtrack of many angry cylinders. We can’t say disagree with their methods, although it does make us plain jealous at times.

The suspect being chased in the video – which is really more of a short film at nearly six and a half minutes – is speeding along in a blue McLaren 12C and gets tagged by police helicopters and what looks to be AES camera tech from the future. Heading off the highway into town and thinking he can ditch the tail by switching to a Ferrari 458 Italia (of course), he is again quickly spotted by the fuzz.

Abu Dhabi’s finest then summon up their Nissan GT-R which speeds past their standard Ford Taurus patrol cars and gives the Ferrari a good run. The cops have already set up a road block up ahead, so the GT-R didn’t really have to catch up to the suspect. The roadblock does feature tactical units in full garb with carbine rifles. While menacing, surely it’s a little overkill just to nab one unarmed guy in a flashy car wearing a baseball cap.

Still. It's fun to watch. And for the Abu Dhabi police, definitely fun to film. Some cops have all the luck.


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