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VIDEO: It’s Raining Ringgits In Singapore! RM50 Notes Scattered All Over Highway

Chris Aaron August 5, 2015 12:32

Here's an exceptionally rare right: raining Ringgits in Singapore? Yikes.

We first spotted a video of this one going viral on social media yesterday evening, but couldn’t quite tell from the footage if the news was true, nor were there much of a sustainable description to provide any grounds.

Now, more reports are surfacing on the event, with The Straits Times in Singapore picking up the news, with quotes from several eye-witnesses who confirmed the happenings.

Yes, it was raining RM50 notes on Singapore’s Bukit Timah Highway yesterday, and no one seems to know where it all came from. Eye-witnesses  estimated that up to RM10,000 could have been in the area.

Of course, motorists were stopping all over the place to get what they could, I mean, wouldn’t you?

But as the Straits Times point out, those caught for taking the money could face up to two years in prison, and or a fine as per Singapore law.

In any case, it’s an extremely rare thing to see on the road, one that we all wish we could witness for ourselves, don’t we? Here’s a dash-cam clip of it.

Orang ramai kutip duit RM50 yang bertaburan di jalanraya :)

Orang ramai kutip duit RM50 yang bertaburan di jalanraya :)More : Sukan Star TV @ Sukan Star .com @ sukanstar.com

Posted by Sukan Star TV on Tuesday, 4 August 2015


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