VIDEO: Man Tries To Steal A Porsche Convertible By Cutting Open Its Roof

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VIDEO: Man Tries To Steal A Porsche Convertible By Cutting Open Its Roof

This is a problem that I think everyone at one point or another had anticipated. Convertible cars are  fun in that they allow you access to fresh air and open skies, but a lot of them have soft tops made of some form of cloth or fabric - usually vinyl. 

A synthetic water-repellent material, but in plain English, its cloth. And cloth isn’t every durable against a sharp knife, as the Porsche’s owner found out. 

The video was shot somewhere in an uncrowded portion of Mayfair, London around 7.45am, where the red Porsche 911 (930) was parked. The would-be thief took out his knife and began hacking and tearing at the car’s roof and before long had himself a gap big enough to squeeze inside. 

The Porsche’s alarm system started blaring, likely from him trying to hotwire it’s ignition. No luck there, so after some seconds weighing alternative ways to start the car, the thief gave up and exited from his makeshift sunroof. Once he was out, he strolled away from the Porsche like it was a routine, disappointed but still in high spirits. 

Just 20 minutes later, local police were called to the scene of a grey Porsche Cayenne that had been damaged from signs of forced entry not far from there, the suspect matched the description.



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