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VIDEO: Ouch! How Does This Much Car Damage Come From A Bicycle?

Jim Kem March 13, 2015 10:01

There have been altercations arising between two-wheel vehicle users and their four-wheeled comrades, each one detracting the other’s choice mode of transport. But none as apparently brazen as this.

Now, the video: We see a couple who just parked their white BMW X1 and are unloading some items from the backseat to, presumably, enjoy a day at the beach. Out of nowhere (around the six second mark), some guy on a bike body slams himself right smack into the rear of the car at speed. The cyclist is thrown out of frame from the impact, leaving the BMW’s rear windscreen shattered and its boot lid deformed. Honestly, we didn’t know one guy on a bike could do so much damage with just his pale shirtless self.

Perhaps BMW had considered this; had the rear not taken the impact so well, the rider’s injuries might have been more serious. 

Video via LiveLeak

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