VIDEO: Perodua Kancil Drifts Out Of Lane And Is Smashed Head-On By Tanker Lorry

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VIDEO: Perodua Kancil Drifts Out Of Lane And Is Smashed Head-On By Tanker Lorry

Driving should always be done with a sure head and focused mind, and never when distracted or under the influence. For the driver of this Perodua Kancil, none of those attributes seemed to apply, causing a nasty accident. 

We’ve got to warn you first, though, the impact is quite severe and the exact aftermath of the crash, and the condition of those involved, is not known. However and quite miraculously, the video’s description does say the driver escaped with only minor injuries.

Sebuah kereta dipandu seorang lelaki dilihat memandu secara merbahaya telah terlanggar sebuah tanker minyak..Pemandu cedera ringan, lori terbabas..Lokasi: Bagan Serai

Posted by Siakap Keli on Sunday, September 27, 2015 

The footage seen in the video was shot on a road at night in the vicinity of Bagan Serai in northern Perak. The Perodua Kancil’s driver was driving slowly but drifting dangerously left and right, in and out of the lane.

Later in the video, a Perodua Alza is seen to overtake the car recording the footage and the Kancil ahead of it, flashing its lights to the latter before passing.

After that, what looks to be a tanker truck is seen coming the other way when the Kancil drifts a disastrous few feet out of its lane and right into the front oncoming lorry. The resulting collision is severe, jarring to watch, and underscored with the sounds of twisted metal and shattered glass.

Its not known what caused the Kancil's driver to behave on the road like that. Our guess is that he or she was likely under the influence of alcohol or something similar, evidenced by the patterned but disoriented swerving from side to side. If the driver was merely tired, the swerve would likely be more subtle and one-directional.

Please stay safe on the roads, people.



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