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VIDEO: Perodua Viva Speeds Down The Highway Into Oncoming Traffic For No Reason

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VIDEO: Perodua Viva Speeds Down The Highway Into Oncoming Traffic For No Reason

Sometimes we catch people doing really silly things on the road. Actually silly might a little too light. Dumb and dangerous. Yes, that’s more accurate. But the video below shows a small car (Perodua Viva, to our eyes) speeding down a local highway (East Coast Expressway, apparently) in the emergecy lane – going the wrong way! 

This video was getting some attention on social media, and after watching it, we’re not really sure how to describe the thinking behind the driver’s motives. It wasn’t as if he or she only went the wrong way by mistake. 

From what we can tell this driver was comfortably speeding down the highway for at least a good two minutes (the video’s length) in the emergency lane toward oncoming traffic – and not slowing down either. The car that was filming this insanity actually had to accelerate to catch up with it. 

Honestly, this type of driving and the thinking behind it (if any) is appalling. Dear PDRM, find and arrest this person. There’s zero justification for endangering lives this way, even in an emergency.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why? Watch the video and good luck.

"If you can't view the video below (some issues have been reported and we're working on it!), here's a direct link to the source:

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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