VIDEO: Road Bully Caught On Camera In Serdang


VIDEO: Road Bully Caught On Camera In Serdang

Looks like another case of road bullying has been caught on camera, in Serdang this time, over something we understand to be as petty as a beep of a horn.

Clearly aggravated, the man driving the white Sonata pulls over to the left of the road and waits for the lady driver to come closer. As she approaches, the man darts his Sonata to the right in front of her, and slams the brakes – it also looks like a bit of contact between the cars as well.

That’s not the worst of it yet.

The angered driver steps out, and the rest, you can probably see. He even pushes his own wife and kid out of the way in anger: not something you want kids around you learning.

In the caption of the video, the lady recording it all says that the two were stuck in traffic, when the Sonata driver tried to squeeze his way into her lane, without using his signal. He forces his way through, and the two cars nearly hit each other, which is why the lady “instinctively” honked back.

How do you handle road bullies?

This is a tricky question, because often times, road bullies aren’t always cruel people: people have bad days, we all do, don’t we? That’s what makes handling them a bit difficult to predict. Here's four simple tips that may help you in the future:

  • The best you can do is to protect yourself first, and to do that, we recommend trying to prevent the situation from happening altogether. Yes, honking is sometimes a very instinctive thing to do, as is believed to be the case here. But where possible, don’t blare your horn out in pure anger. A simple beep to call out for someone’s attention is ideal (not saying the victim here was blaring her horn), and hopefully your concerns are addressed.
  • If someone’s being ignorant enough to cut ahead of you without courtesy of caution, let them. This can be difficult to bring yourself to do, but it could save you from a road bullying incident or worse. Thankfully, you can now send your videos and photographs of these ignorant drivers caught in the act to the Road Transport Department (JPJ), for their action. You can send them here:
  • When the pot does boil over, don’t react similarly – stay calm, stay in your car, lock the doors and windows. If the person outside seems calm enough, open the window marginally to speak – just enough for sound to travel clearly.
  • Recording the incident is great for evidence later, but shoving a camera in someone’s face can further aggravate them, rather than deter them from acting out (partly why we think this chap got even more aggressive is because there was a camera right in his face). Let your dash-cams do the work, and be discreet about it should you need to reposition it, or whip out your mobile phone for back-up.

Thankfully, this incident didn’t escalate further, nor was anyone physically hurt.


自雇人士G小姐今天独自出门,遇上这样的经历!带着老婆孩子在幼童面前如此,真担心着小孩,在这种身教耳濡目染之下,往后会变如何?#沙登路霸G小姐自述经历:30/7,6.30pm,打算送蛋糕去给顾客,一路上我驾车很慢,车速才40-50km/j而已。到了沙登大街,远远见到一辆白色 W3626B的轿车,准备从左边的车龙驶向右边的路,但是当中要出不出,因为我走很慢,就让他可以驶离左边的塞车道。可是他的车出了一点点,没有打方向灯就停着,直到我接近他才踩油门突然插出来,差点酿车祸,这种情形之下,我也本能的按喇叭。 这个uncle于是割了出来,然后架在我前面,一直走走停停,我直觉这个人不对路,只好割了他,再立马用电话电话拍下。结果他真的要找事。重新割我然后在一边等我要接近时立刻冲出来挡着我。然后他下车,叫我下车,我一个女人而已,当然不下车。他又敲镜子,又挥拳的,我没办法,只好继续拍。本来他的太太出来好声跟我说“小姐,对不起,我们这就走,不要拍了好吗?” 于是我也收手不拍,可是这个男人还不想罢休,继续骂,我就回他,他这样驾驶很危险,他就骂我“hon什么?看不到嘛!” 我见不对劲,继续拍,然后他的太太又出来劝。没办法,这么暴躁的人,我们见到这两车 W3626B,记得要很小心。这个人危险驾驶兼冲动粗鲁。

Posted by Vivian卓卉勤 on Thursday, 30 July 2015

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