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VIDEO: Thinly Disguised 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Seen Roaming The Streets

Jim Kem May 5, 2015 11:43

We expected to see more of the Mercedes-Benz GLC - the GLE’s new little brother and successor to the outgoing GLK - in due time, but this video gives us an unexpectedly detailed look at the new model in what looks to be near-production form. 

In terms of visuals, the most apparent change from the GLK are the rounder lines, generally softer corners and overall shape. A stark departure from the more square and angular look of its predecessor. It’s unmistakably a Mercedes-Benz when seen from the front or the rear.

Viewed from the side, however, you'll see it’s got that swooping rear window and roofline that’s resembles the CLS Shooting Brake and proportionally long hood that does make it look like a raised C-Class estate, which I suppose was what they were going for. Speaking of that roofline, its no where near as low-slung as the Mercedes-Benz Concept GLC Coupe that the company showed off at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. 

As we see it on the move via walkoART's video, the new GLC confirms the brand is headed toward a unified look across its range. And when compared to the its bigger brother the GLE, the GLC's less busy design could make it the best looking of its siblings, a match for the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 when it goes on sale. 


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