VIDEO: Toyota Shows Its Mirai’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan Could Run On Lemonade


VIDEO: Toyota Shows Its Mirai’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan Could Run On Lemonade

Toyota seems to be at the forefront of advocating hydrogen as the solution to the world’s energy problems, or at least one of its leading proponents, especially when it comes to powering cars. In it’s newest promo video, it talks about how lemonade can make cars go. 

Some cute kids were used in the making of that production, but let’s not get side-tracked from the bigger topic here. Can lemonade really generate enough hydrogen to power the Mirai, possibly to its maximum 502km range

The Japanese automaker seems to think so, and with a very important middle step involving scientists and an electrolyzer (which is by made by Proton? No relation, maybe.) before its fit to be channelled into the Mirai.

Funny how they had to add the disclaimer “Do Not Use Raw Lemonade As Fuel”. Because everyone everywhere are just dying to do just that.

All that aside, however, it is important to note just how important the work on hydrogen fuel cells and the mass production is to our future. It could literally power everything. We wish Toyota all the best.

Maybe those same kids will be riding in hydrogen cars by the time they’re old enough to drive. 


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