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VIDEO: A Tsunami Of Garbage Takes Over The Streets Of Beirut As Landfills Spill Over

Jim Kem October 26, 2015 14:56

An unnerving sight is seen by the residents within the capital city of Lebanon. The mountains of garbage accumulated in makeshift landfills used to contain the ever increasing amounts of waste dumped carelessly into the streets.

And when heavy rains finally bear down on the many steaming, stinking piles as well as the clogged drains and water channels throughout the city, something has got to give.

The scene seen here was shot from the Bauchreih neighborhood located in the northern suburbs of Beirut and is likely far from the only district befell with the disgusting state of affairs. 

At least in part, the situation there also stems from political unrest, with the Lebanese people choosing to be deliberately cavalier with their own trash disposal method as a means to do away with the current government in a very unconventional and harmful way.

Additionally, another politically-motivated campaign, the You Stink movement, organized there over the summer months have only intensified the problem. Paired with authorieties that are unable to manage it and it has led to much more garbage accumulating at street level than would normally be the case, as we can see.

You can guess what happened next. What a sad sight. 

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