Volkswagen Malaysia Sells Out All Units Of Its Beetle Bug And Beetle Club Limited Editions

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Volkswagen Malaysia Sells Out All Units Of Its Beetle Bug And Beetle Club Limited Editions

‘Like hotcakes’ is the expression, and an apt one to describe what happened to the both recent limited edition models of the Volkswagen Beetle in Malaysia. Volkswagen Group announced that all 200 of the Bug Edition Beetle are sold. And so goes all 50 units of the Beetle Club that made its debut at this year’s KL Fashion Week. 

The Beetle Bug Edition made its first appearance in Malaysia earlier this year in April and priced at RM146,888. The 200 units came with Volkswagen Bug side sills, side decals, racing and body stripes with the Bug logo.

The Beetle Club edition was even rarer at jus 50 units making its way here after being shipped out of Mexico. It was priced at RM152,888 and, much like the Bug Edition, was all about its looks. The Beetle Club edition came with 17-inch Ravenna alloy wheels, decals with the wording ‘Club’ on the the steering wheel, side sills with chrome strips and leather sports seats.

On the popularity of the limited edition Volkswagen Beetles, Mr Armin Keller, Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia said: “The Beetle on its own is an Icon and the past 60 years of presence in Malaysia is proof. With every limited edition, Volkswagen aims to engage and excite Beetle fans. With that said, fans and customers should keep an eye out for the next limited edition which could be coming soon – another reason to get excited about.”

Safe to say that the Beetle has certainly has come a long way from the first batch of 55 units manufactured in 1945.

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