Volkswagen To Change Its Logo In Anticipation Of An Electric Future

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Volkswagen To Change Its Logo In Anticipation Of An Electric Future

It has been a rough few years for the Volkswagen brand. In the wake of their diesel scandal, the company has done fairly well to get back on track - even if that meant postponing full on model changes as many models in their range have had to extend their lifespans due to re-allocation of budget. 

So it's about time they reinvent themselves. With full-on electrification on the horizon, Volkswagen is taking the opportunity to change their image and that starts with a new logo. Unlike other brands which have created electric sub-brands (i.e. BMW's i or Mercedes-Benz's EQ), Volkswagen is fully integrating the models within their brand image.

According to Bloomberg, the new logo is to be revealed next year - which coincides with Volkswagen's plans to aggressively roll out electric vehicles. It's a logo that will work equally well on smartphone screens as the cars themselves, an indication of how integrated technology is becoming. 

There's 20 billion Euros (RM 96 billion) going into Volkswagen's electrification efforts. This means that the company has to pull out all stops to market these new products to a new generation of customers, in addition to their existing customer base. In the case of the latter, more traditional methods will work, but for the former they will have to take to social media platforms and various other outlets to garner attention. 

To further tailor messages and marketing, there is talk of setting up regional marketing hubs as well which allows for region-specific approaches. The kind of customer one might encounter in South Africa is vastly different from that of South-East Asia (after all, South Africa kept producing the first-generation Golf for decades). 




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