Volvo 360c Teased, But What Is It?

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Volvo 360c Teased, But What Is It?

Volvo recently teased a concept called the 360c via two videos on their Facebook page.

While details are scarce about the new model, Volvo did state that it is their vision for the future of travel. The short 13 second video was devoid of any audio, but manages to give us a glimpse at what appears to be a vehicle with the letters ‘360c at’ the end.

It is possible that Volvo is teasing an all-electric autonomous concept car, similar to the Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept, a fully-autonomous vehicle that does not need a human driver.

This ties in to the second part of Volvo’s teaser, which said, “Could time spent travelling become time well spent?” We can expect the 360c concept to feature a spacious interior where passengers can multitask while the car is in motion.

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