Volvo And KidZania Celebrate 2 Years Of Teaching Kids About Road Safety

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Volvo And KidZania Celebrate 2 Years Of Teaching Kids About Road Safety

For the last two years, Volvo and KidZania Kuala Lumpur have been working together to educate children on the importance of the road safety. There's no more fitting partnership, as the former is the world's leader when it comes to safe automotive products, and the latter specializes in teaching children about various aspects of life. Both Volvo Trucks and Volvo Cars have been involved in the partnership, with over 90,000 children benefitting from the program to date.

Through the partnership, KidZania features a Volvo Car Dealership in its child-friendly cityscape. As KidZania provides an opportunity for children to roleplay as adults in various professions, the collaboration allows children to not only have fun roleplaying but learn the basics of road safety as well.

In line with Volvo’s vision that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo Car by 2020, children in KidZania learn how to be seated correctly in a car, how to properly use a safety belt as well as the importance of child seats. Over the course of two years, a total of 32,294 children were taught the basics of road safety via the Volvo Car Dealership in KidZania.

Extending beyond the Volvo Car Dealership in KidZania, the partnership also incorporated Volvo Trucks’ hallmark road safety campaign, the ‘Stop, Look and Wave’ campaign. It was inducted into KidZania Go! and became an integral part of the mobile school outreach programme. With Stop, Look and Wave, children around the nation experienced what it is like being behind the wheels of a Volvo Truck. They attended a classroom session in a specially converted Volvo Trucks trailer where they learn the importance of identifying blind spots and practice proper road etiquette. A total of 57,774 school children benefitted from the campaign across 260 schools and 37 community events nationwide.

In addition to school visits, Volvo also helped underprivileged children by providing them an opportunity to learn outside the classroom. Together, Volvo Trucks and Volvo Cars sponsored a total of 1,600 people that were made up of kids and their teachers to Kidzania between January and November 2018. The most recent school visit concluded on October 23 rd 2018, where Mitch Peden and Lennart Stegland as well as a representative from the Ministry of Education met with over 380 school children and their teachers when they made their maiden trip to Kidzania.

To request for Volvo road safety activities, please contact Volvo Trucks Malaysia or download the Stop Look and Wave teaching materials on


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