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Volvo XC40 Receives 5 Stars For Euro NCAP Assessment

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Volvo XC40 Receives 5 Stars For Euro NCAP Assessment

Another Volvo, another 5-Star Euro NCAP rating. This time it's the XC40, joining the larger 60 and 90 series models as one of the safest cars money can buy (if not according to Euro NCAP, then according to most of the world). Volvo is continuously looking to advance safety technologies in their vehicles, which is why every new model that's launched will receive the latest and greatest variant of their tech. Compound this with the fact that Euro NCAP is toughening testing standards with each passing year and you have an even more impressive feat, with the XC40 coming out on top of all cars tested under the latest standards.

One could argue that Euro NCAP standards are defined and redefined by Volvo. Much of the newer regulations require companies include more active safety systems rather than focusing merely on occupant protection. Pre-empting accidents is the name of the game, and Volvo is constantly adapting and evolving in this field. This year saw the inclusion of pedestrian and cyclist detection as well. 

This accolade follows on from the XC40 being named as 2018 European Car of the Year. It's yet another success for Volvo in this renaissance of sorts for the Swedish marque, and it will no doubt allow them to continue as they have been for the years to come. It really goes to show just how far the Swedish are willing , if you're willing to put your money on them. 

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