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Want to Know What New Cars You can buy with a Manual Transmission Today? Check This List Out

Daniel Wong June 11, 2015 16:39

“Brand new car with a manual transmission" is a combination so rare these days that it warrants questions rather than buyer interest. After all, Malaysians would prefer to have some clever cogs do the tedious work of shifting, rather than enjoying that last bit of interactivity only a manual gives, so why bother some might ask. Even so there are a few models that you can get with a manual transmission today, most of which we can think of is already listed here by our friends at Autofreaks. 

If you were expecting some exciting models, then you would be disappointed to find that most new cars with manual transmission today are comprised largely of local cars, poverty-spec variants, and pick-up trucks. The rarity of a manual transmission today is due to a number of reasons, with consumer preference being a huge determining factor, and the business case of ploughing your resources into selling an automatic variant that will definitely have a better chance at selling in huge numbers, being the other.  

While most manual transmission cars are there to stoop to a budget, some cars like the Ford Fiesta ST and Focus ST, Peugeot 208 GTI, and Renault Megane RS come with manual transmissions simply because they are only available with a self-shifter. Still, the more well-heeled enthusiasts would be glad to know that Porsche would only be too happy to sell you a Boxster, Cayman, or 911 with a manual transmission, if you have the dosh. 

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Born with a sizable cranium that is only humbled by Rubens Barrichello's, Daniel doesn't care much for numbers or figures but the immediate sensations and experiences one gets from a drive. To him a measure of a good car is one that does what it was set out to do well. A great car is one that draws a smile on your face with a quality that isn't quantifiable and keeps it there.


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