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“We Don’t Deserve An Automotive Industry” – Tun M

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“We Don’t Deserve An Automotive Industry” – Tun M

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has voiced his disappointment on his blog that the idea for a second national car was not well received by the people.

In a recent posting on Tun M’s blog, he mentioned that he was informed that no one wanted to see another national car brand, as according to him, a lot of people felt that ‘it was enough’ with Proton, which many some saw as a failure.

Tun also clarified the second national car company may not necessarily be owned by the government. It could be an initiative by the private sector but this option is not feasible because Malaysians have outrightly rejected any proposals for another Malaysian car.

He added that Malaysians aren't deserving of an automotive industry, as Malaysians are willing to buy imported vehicles from China, Japan, and Germany.

Tun M also further added the Government has no plans to continue with the second national car project.

Adding to that, Tun M also said that Malaysia has become a dumping ground for big car companies to dump good quality as well as ‘Milo tin’ cars, thus burying Proton and resulting in Proton being sold to foreigners. Tun M also mentioned that with no more auto industry, workers, engineers, and managers will lose their jobs.

“Never mind, this is what we want and this is what we get. Forget about Wawasan 2020,” Tun M concluded in his blog post.

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