When And What We'll See In The Next Panamera, As Revealed By Porsche CEO

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When And What We'll See In The Next Panamera, As Revealed By Porsche CEO

It’s no secret that the Porsche Panamera is due for an update. Originally launched in 2010, the four-door super saloon isn’t looking as fresh as it once did. The folks at Stuttgart agree, and through CEO Matthias Müller, we might know when to expect it. 

At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Indian Autos Blog reported that while answering questions from one of their reporters, Mr Müller said regarding the next Panamera’s arrival, “I suppose in the second half of 2016.” Whether this means a full production model or an Motor Show reveal remains unclear.

He continued, and elaborated on the design of the upcoming car, choosing his words correctly to emphasize an evolutionary step from the current model. “It is more or less the same design language, you’ll recognize it as a Panamera. It will be of a better package, and some details will be more modern of course.”

We won’t be surprised, however, if in 2016 we find out that it borrows quite a bit from the Sport Turismo concept that was shown at the 2012 Paris Auto Show as that was an undeniably well received design that does not stray far from the constraints of mass production.

Porsche has been working on a second-generation Panamera for some time and have recently been testing prototypes in icy Sweden and at track facilities in Europe. It will ride on the Volkswagen Group’s new MSB platform and reported to be over 90kg lighter than before thanks to its construction incorporating more lightweight aluminium and magnesium over steel.

Likely engine options should include the V8 and V6 petrol engines as well as the V6 diesel and hybrid models. An improved PDK dual-clutch transmission has been speculated to send power to either all four wheels or the rear two.   

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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