Why The 1990 VW Golf Mk2 GTI Is The People’s Sports Car

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Why The 1990 VW Golf Mk2 GTI Is The People’s Sports Car

For most petrolheads, the love for cars is usually inherited from our fathers. The cars we grew up with, and all the fond memories we have with these cars often follow us all the way to the grave.

In fact, many of our first cars were handed down from our parents. So, there is no surprise that an emotional bond is formed between man and machine when many good experience are shared together, like what Andrew Tucker here who was featured in this video by Petrolicious last week, has gone through.

With his father having owned two Golf GTIs during his childhood, there was seemingly only one choice when it came to Andrew Tucker buying his first car - a Mk2 Golf GTI 16V. 

“Since most of my childhood memories revolved around my dad’s Golf GTIs, I told myself many years ago that one day, I would save up and have one of my own, and here we are,” said Andrew.  

Having purchased it from a collector in 2012 after a three-year search, Andrew describes his 1990 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2 as something that is not perfect, but perfectly usable.

Besides the rebuilt suspensions, everything on the car is kept stock standard from the exterior, interior, and also in the engine bay. Power is supplied by a 1.8-litre 16-valve engine, kicking out 139 hp.

Andrew says that the car does have minor issues such as corroding fuel lines, but it is also his duty to preserve it.

“It is a very easy car to drive. I can push it to its limits without scaring myself, which is a good thing. What I love most about it is how it reminds me of all the good times I used to have in the car which my father owned back in the day.”

When asked about his future plans for his Golf, Andrew said that he will keep the car as it is and won’t apply any modifications.

“It may not be the most pristine one out there but it works perfectly, it is fun, and it is reliable – which makes it perfectly usable. I would rather have a functioning car than a “show pony”.

“In Europe, Volkswagens have always been the people’s cars – affordable and easy to live with. This GTI here is just as reliable but more fun, which makes it the people’s sports car, and that is what I like about it,” concludes Andrew.

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