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Woman In China Pays For A New BMW With 100KG Of Small Change

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Woman In China Pays For A New BMW With 100KG Of Small Change

How would you pay for a brand-new BMW? Take a bank loan? Write a cheque? Well, in China, a woman known only as Ms Li reportedly turned up at a BMW dealership in the city of Zhengzhou to purchase a BMW 730Li and paid using only small change. Yes, small change.

That’s right, Ms Li brought along five boxes of one yuan notes totalling 100,000 yuan to pay for the luxury saloon car. Naturally, the dealership had to confirm the actual total amount of all the small change which required more than a dozen employees to count the money from 9am to 3pm, all 100 kilograms of it.

A quick check of BMW China’s website revealed the price of a 730Li Luxury model to be 1,023,500 yuan. Mercifully, Ms Li paid the remaining amount by credit card.

According to The Telegraph, during an interview with the Zhengzhou Evening Post, Jia Tinghai, the marketing director of the dealership, captured her reaction to the purchase in three words: “Oh my God.”

As for Ms Li, she revealed to Chinese local media that the reason behind her bizarre method of payment was due to her busy schedule which lead her to keep the banknotes until she was able to spend them all at once when buying a car.

Image source: WeChat

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