Works Ministry Allocates RM3.13 Million To Upgrade Federal Highway Motorcycle Lane

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Works Ministry Allocates RM3.13 Million To Upgrade Federal Highway Motorcycle Lane

Some of you may remember our Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof making a statement that the motorcycle lane along the Federal Highway was safe sometime last month.

Unfortunately, the statement seemed to have irked many Malaysians, especially motorcyclists who are using the Federal Highway on a daily basis as the road mentioned is not really that safe. 

Besides the general public, a couple of motoring media websites also disagreed with the Minister’s statement, and decided to record a video of the Federal Highway motorcycle lane and all the hazards that lay along the stretch to show how dangerous it is to ride on the aforementioned stretch.

Yes, this is the video by which we shared two weeks ago. In case you missed it, here it is again:

We don’t know if the Works Minister came to know about the video or if he read the thousands of remarks made against his statement on social media but last Monday, he decided to pay a visit to the Federal Highway motorcycle lane to have a look at things himself.

After having a closer look, he announced that the Works Ministry will allocate RM3.13mil to upgrade motorcycle lanes on the Federal Highway in areas that fall under its care.

Datuk Seri Fadillah said that the allocation would cover costs for brightening dark areas, installing pump houses at flood-prone areas, painting road lines and tunnel walls, lane-widening, building overhead ramps, additional signage and repair of intersections.

The 28.5-km Federal Highway was the first in the country to feature dedicated motorcycle lanes, and is collectively maintained by the Public Works Department (an 8.1km stretch), Kuala Lumpur City Hall (2.4km), Sprint (2km) and PLUS (16km).

The Works Minister also urged motorists to lodge road damage reports via the "Aduan Jalan KKR" mobile app which was launched in March last year.

With that, lets hope that the Federal Highway motorcycle lane will finally become a safe road for motorcyclists.


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