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Your Eyes Aren't Fooling You, That Is The All-New Jaguar XF Driving On A High-Wire

Gerard March 25, 2015 14:07

Jaguar say that their all-new XF uses a lightweight aluminium-extensive architecture that is 190kg lighter than that found in the previous model, resulting in an 80kg drop in overall kerb weight. And they’re very keen to emphasise that point by driving the British executive saloon car across London’s Canary Wharf on a high-wire suspended 18 metres above the water. This one is not for the faint of heart.

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With expert British stuntman Jim Dowdall who worked in movies including Bond, Bourne, and Indiana Jones behind the wheel, the Jaguar XF was driven very carefully, and with every nerve-wrecking metre, it crawled its way 240 metres across the wharf where by it successfully completed the dramatic high-wire water crossing.

Go big or go home as they say and with a stunt like this, Jaguar certainly wants to make a huge splash with its all-new Jaguar XF. Look forward to its global motor show debut early next month in New York.

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