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Zero GST, Lower Maintenance Cost For VW Vehicles

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Zero GST, Lower Maintenance Cost For VW Vehicles

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) today announced the updated Service Pricing Guide of Volkswagen cars, in-line with the implementation of zero percent GST by the Malaysian government taking effect today.

According to VPCM, the service pricing guide is meant to assist owners in understanding the maintenance cost of their cars and keep them running at their best.

The Managing Director of VPCM, Erik Winter encouraged owners whose Volkswagen cars are due for their service to make an appointment at their respective service centres and to take advantage of the 0% tax holiday.

“Our commitment to our customers extends to our efforts in maintaining a strong level of transparency when it comes to owning a Volkswagen car, hence the availability of the service pricing guide,” he added.  

VPCM also stated that it is continuously working on enhancing the ownership experience, and part of this initiative was the introduction of the 3-year free maintenance program in early 2018, in addition to the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and 5-year roadside assistance offered on all Volkswagen models.

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