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2017 Isuzu MU-X Facelift Launched in Thailand

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2017 Isuzu MU-X Facelift Launched in Thailand

Long product lifecycles usually also mean long periods of time between launch and facelift. In the case of Isuzu, it has taken them 4 years to introduce a facelifted version of their MU-X to the Thai market, which is one of their largest and most important. Naturally the changes with the facelift will make their way over to us in a couple of months, but with a few minor mechanical differences. 

For our market, we'll likely be stuck with the previous iTEQ engines instead of the newer Blue Power engines, which require cleaner Euro-5 diesel (still not available nationwide). Other than that, what we can expect to see are the same cosmetic changes for both the inside and out, upgrading the MU-X and keeping it relevant in a highly competitive segment. Perhaps the most obvious of these changes are the front and rear LED tail lights, a new front grille, and a new roof mounted rear spoiler.

On the inside there are changes as well, with new materials and wood elements occupying the dashboard, shift lever, and door trim pieces. There is also an 8-inch infotainment display, which seems to be the industry norm for spicing up otherwise aging products regardless of market segment. It's fairly standard fare for a facelift model.

The mechanicals are the same for this facelifted model as the pre-facelift model, although as mentioned before the Thai market receives a different range of engines from us. Their rush to the newer Blue Power engines came as a result of their CO2 tax that would have driven up the prices of their products; we will eventually see these engines making their way to our market, but when that is expected to happen cannot be said. 

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