5 Bad Driving Habits On Our Roads


5 Bad Driving Habits On Our Roads

We have all been taught how to drive by a driving school at some point, and if you haven't, you shouldn't be on the road! To us, the whole point of a driving school is so that we can learn how to live with each other on the road peacefully and this includes learning good driving manners and the knowledge of how to avoid accidents whenever possible.

It seems that after some time of driving, drivers tend to pick up bad habits, and all though it seems trivial anything that strays away from the rules of the road as well as what we learnt at a driving school increases the chances of us encountering hazards. 


What bad habits do you have? Here are some that we noticed:

1. Jangan main phone lah! 

The Klang Valley is one of the biggest car parks in the world. The streets are jammed up with cars most of the time and to get through it, many drivers tend to scan their phones for brief entertainment. It is one of the worst bad habits out there as it takes your concentration away from the road, and your hazard perception is no longer present for anything road and car-related. 


2. Woi! Bapak punya jalan kah?!

We're quite sure that at motoring school they teach drivers to pull out of a road, crossing, intersection, etc. when it is right to do so. Still, many drivers on the road tend to expect an oncoming car to slow down abruptly so that they can pull out. Not only is this extremely dangerous but also annoying, especially when they go slow after pulling out.


3. Bang, kereta mahal, takde indicator ke?

Have you heard this before? "If you indicate another driver will try to speed up instead of letting you into the lane, so it's better not to". Well, if you haven't, this ideology is out there along with many others. Whatever the reasons are, not indicating is dangerous for yourself as well as others. Some are just lazy to indicate and tend to switch lanes without doing so, causing havoc while doing it. 


4. Seatbelt mana?!

There is NO reason to justify not wearing a seatbelt! The seatbelt is one of the greatest inventions in the motoring world and has saved countless lives. Even your favourite race car drivers wear it.


5. Ko tengok mamat nie, tak reti pilih lane!

It would be best if you always drove in the middle of the lane instead of driving in between lanes. We have seen many people do this blaming it on bad roads, potholes etc. Not only will you be a danger to yourself as other motorists find furious creative ways to overtake you, you are also holding up traffic. 









Adam Aubrey

Adam Aubrey

Content Producer

Wants to live the simple life, especially when it comes to cars and bikes. That's what tech is for he reckons, to make motoring simpler

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