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A 900hp VW Passat Is Just What We Need In Formula Drift

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A 900hp VW Passat Is Just What We Need In Formula Drift

We compartmentalize cars into certain categories don’t we? And some just don’t mix: Mini Cooper pickup truck, for example. Nissan GTR driven by your Mom to office. Volkswagen Passat Drifter? Good news, that one does exist. 

Tanner Foust, racer and professional tyre-smoker extraordinaire, is ready to enter this 4-wheeled contradiction into the Formula Drift series. On the outside, this one-off monster Passat features lots of Rockstar Energy livery, an APR Performance Rear Wing and Nitto NT05 tyres fitted to KMC wheels.

Making all that wheel spin possible is the seriously powerful V8 engine under its hood which produces 900 hp when boosted with nitrous oxide and 700 hp without. No TFSI efficiency to be found here, I’m afraid.

Just the spectacle of a Passat in Formula Drift is enough to make us pay attention, and with Mr. Foust at the wheel there's a good chance it'll put on a decent show as well. We can’t wait to see it in action once the first leg of the season starts on April 10th at Long Beach. 


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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