VIDEO: 900hp Volkswagen Passat Drifts Around Bike Racing TT Course

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VIDEO: 900hp Volkswagen Passat Drifts Around Bike Racing TT Course

In the American town of Chattanooga, Tennessee, the USA Cycling Time Trials will take place on a course consisting of closed roads. And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s also where Volkswagen’s US headquarters is located. 

So, they figure there’s no better way to show their support for the sport than to have pro driver Tanner Foust tear up the track in his 900hp Formula Drift-spec Volkswagen Passat with Tim Johnson, national championship cyclist, riding shotgun.

We’ve seen this insane car before, back when it was shown to the public for the first time, and we were just scratching our heads in amazement and confusion at the notion of a Passat with that kind of performance and wild character.

So, in the video, cyclist Tim Johnson suits up and enjoys the sideways ride around the TT circuit. Of course, lots of tire smoke ensues, along with wide grins from the passenger seat. 

Video by Volkswagen

And if you need more footage of the mega Passat drifting even more, we've got you covered.
Video by Rockstar


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