A BMW M2 That Sounds Like A Lamborghini?

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A BMW M2 That Sounds Like A Lamborghini?

BMW's Happy New Year wish with a BMW M2 turns into a social media nightmare!

An M2 screeching around the track sideways, its inline-six screaming, all the BMW M fanboys chest-bumping each other shouting Happy New Year! I mean really right, what's not to love about an absolutely brilliant car going sideways hoping that hey maybe I'll get to do that too this year! 

But wait, that's not the sound of a turbocharged inline-six, that's the roar of a V10! 

Dei BMW apa lu buat? Did you just overlay the exhaust note of a V10 over your already glorious sounding inline-six? WHY?!

Thankfully my colleague, Aswan managed to source the now deleted video for your viewing pleasure. 




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