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A simple question that many drivers can't answer: Which lane to enter / exit a roundabout?

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A simple question that many drivers can't answer: Which lane to enter / exit a roundabout?

Alright, buckle up folks, we're gonna talk about roundabouts in Malaysia! Navigating a roundabout can be as tricky as deciding what to have for lunch...for some. It seems easy and not something that should have an article written about it, right? Wrong!

People are clueless af and we've seen many dashcam footages of people making silly mistakes in a roundabouts. You seasoned drivers are fine but you've gotta understand, there are still clueless fellas around us. So, let's fix em.  

Step 1: Choosing your lane

Imagine a roundabout like a clock with exits at different times. Can you imagine a clock now? Great, now read this.

When you approach a roundabout, think about where you want to go. If it's the first exit on your left (9 o'clock), stay in the left lane. If you're going straight or taking the second exit (12 o'clock), use the middle lane. For the right lane, it's for taking the third exit(3 o'clock) or a U-turn (6 o'clock).

Step 2: Signaling your move

Using your signals is like talking to other drivers. If you're turning left, flick on your left signal. If you're turning right, use the right signal. If you're going straight, no need to signal, just keep going.

Step 3: Navigating the roundabout

Once you're inside the roundabout, just follow the flow. Imagine it like walking around a giant clock that is placed on the road, but with your car. Keep going to the left, and you'll eventually reach your exit. 

Remember, always keep to your left before reaching the exit and don't make any sudden exits especially without signalling. Other drivers and motorbike users may be coming at high speed and may not be aware of you exiting abruptly.

Step 4: Exiting smoothly

When you're close to your exit, let others know by using your signals. If it's the first exit, use your left signal. If it's the second exit, just signal after you have passed the first exit, while moving to the left slowly before exiting. If it's the third exit, use your right signal.

Extra Tip: Give way for other drivers 

Always remember to let cars already inside the roundabout go first. They have the right of way. It's like waiting your turn in a line. There's no prize to be won here, so you don't have to rush. Alright?

So, pick your lane, let your intentions be clear, keep moving in the circle, and exit when it's your turn. And always be courteous to others on the road. Happy driving!

Muhammad Syahnaz

Muhammad Syahnaz

Junior Content Writer

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