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A Warranty Is Your Best Friend When It Comes to Buying a Car


A Warranty Is Your Best Friend When It Comes to Buying a Car

Buying a car can be a scary experience, especially if you get into the world of grey import reconditioned cars or second hand cars. You don’t really know what to expect, and it being such a sizeable purchase, it’s not something you want to jump into without a fair amount of consideration. Some cars may look pristine on the outside, but have a number of small issues that can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

This is why some people usually prefer to avoid the hassle entirely and buy a brand new car, one that usually comes with a fairly extensive warranty policy. But why limit yourself, when there’s such a wide selection of cars to choose from once you take the grey import market into consideration? In recent years, more and more companies have popped up to offer warranty plans for grey import cars, but just like insurance plans, they do not all provide the same coverage and are not considered equal.

What some people don’t consider is that a warranty has to be more than just a policy in order to provide you proper peace of mind. The good folks at Guard My Ride have been providing warranties for grey import cars for over 2 years now, having worked closely with dozens of experienced dealers providing warranties for thousands of cars. Their recent partnership with Rainbow Enterprise Co Ltd also shows that they are a trusted warranty provider when it comes to reconditioned cars, and is the largest endorsement of warranty policy. They have also extended their warranty coverage to used cars as well, and with that comes a whole new set of risks.

But those risks are mitigated in part by Guard My Ride. In order for a car to be approved for their warranty policy it needs to have been inspected- much like the kind of inspection you would do if you took your own trusted mechanic to see a car- and this means that the car you’re buying is already starting out from a good place. The inspections that are carried out by Guard My Ride are done by their handpicked panel workshops throughout of Malaysia, this alone allows you to trust that the car you’re putting money down for won’t break down on you the moment you leave the dealer. The one shown here is Mekatronic Auto Sdn Bhd, which operates out in Kepong and specializes in a range of different high end vehicles. 

That being said, even the best mechanics in the world can’t give you a complete guarantee that something won’t fail in the coming weeks or months- sometimes it's just a matter of luck. But that's the whole point of a warranty- to provide coverage when you may be hit with an unexpected issue or defect. But again, this is where the quality and content of a warranty is called into question: the number of parts covered by different policies varies greatly, which means that your issues may not even be covered by the warranty plan you purchase.It always pays to pick the policy with the largest number of covered items, and the Guard My Ride warranty is the most comprehensive on the market with up to five times the number of covered items. On the engine alone, there are 40 items that are covered by the PRO warranty, Guard My Ride never tries to hide their covered items, as all those information can be seen on their website & the booklet that you will be given if you own any of their warranty plans, they placed their utmost priority on trying to be as transparent as possible to all consumers.

At this point you may feel that even the most comprehensive parts coverage means nothing if the workshop the car is sent to isn’t qualified to handle your problems. Much like an insurance policy, Guard My Ride has a very specific set of workshops, handpicked by them through their years of experience from providing warranty, understanding that it is top priority that the panel workshops are well equipped to handle and repair your car- whether it’s a Toyota Alphard or a BMW 5 Series. These aren’t your typical ‘bawah-pokok’ style shops, with many of them having numerous years of experience and specializing in a particular marque or brand or even a certain system. They operate quickly to get your car back on the road as soon as possible and cut down on down-time.

This is all fantastic in concept, but how does it work in practice? The reality of car ownership is that most owners cannot have the luxury of leaving their car in the workshop for days or weeks on end, which is usually the case with many insurance or warranty claims- the long and arduous process of waiting for adjustors to assess your car and for claims to go through usually makes warranty-covered repairs so difficult or inconvenient that some owners don’t bother. Guard My Ride has had enough experience in dealing with this that they’ve streamlined their claims process, so much so that your claim may only take a few hours to process if it’s something simple, to just a few days if it’s a little more complex. To top it all off, Guard My Ride assures that their warranty claims does not come with a processing/excess fee, whenever a claim is approved, the claimed part are to be approved with the labour cost required for its replacement & during breakdowns it only takes a phone call to their office in order for them to begin the claims process as your car is towed to one of their panel workshops where the damage can be assessed; you are also asked for confirmation before inspection work begins if any serious components need to be disassembled. Add in the fact that policies are underwritten by RHB and you have a warranty plan that you can feel confident with when you need to make a claim.

It may be a tad pricier than your average warranty plan, but this is immediately offset by the number of vouchers you will receive that far outweighs the difference in cost- and perhaps more important is the fact that you can rely on the policy provided by Guard My Ride to be transparent, efficient and comprehensive. Is there really a better way to get peace of mind for your car? With everything from a competitive price to a proper panel of workshops that can specifically cater to different marques, the Guard My Ride warranty policy is the best option for your car. So perhaps the next time you buy a car from a dealer, insist on a warranty plan from Guard My Ride if it’s available.



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