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All Of Penang’s Disabled Parking Lots Will Be Painted Blue For Easier Identification

Jim Kem October 27, 2015 13:55

Parking bays will get colour-coded differentiators in the Penang city of George Town. The move will make the bays themselves easier to identify, so too will those who park there unscrupulously. 

Normal parking bays lines will continue to be painted yellow, as they are now, but disabled parking lots will be brandishing new blue coloured lines.  Penang Island City Councilor Chris Lee said there will be now no excuse to abuse handicapped spots.

The parking lots will measure 6.8-metres long and 3.6-metres wide to accommodate and add to the convenience, safety, and ease of access to those that need them.

The Penang Island City Council is expected to finish repainting all the disabled parking lots under their administration (38 locations in total) by the end of November 2015 at a cost of RM250 per lot.

"This is our initiative to make the island more disabled friendly. Drivers can be fined RM100 for the offence and may have their cars towed away which will make them liable for a RM100 towing fee,” said Lee, and added that the Council will take stern action against drivers that park at spots reserved for the handicapped. 

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