Aston Martin and Wearnes Launch New Kuala Lumpur Showroom

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Aston Martin and Wearnes Launch New Kuala Lumpur Showroom

Following the success of Aston Martin’s partnership with Wearnes down south in Singapore, the British luxury car brand has extended that relationship to Malaysia. This begins with a new landmark showroom, housed on the ground floor of the Etiqa Twins, along Jalan Pinang. The showroom’s prestige matches its surroundings, with the Petronas Twin Towers and the Mandarin Oriental for neighbours.

For Wearnes, the launch of the Aston Martin brand helps them add a premium level on top of the other brands that they currently handle in Malaysia, and they are very excited to be taking stewardship of the brand locally. The showroom is a multi-million investment on the part of Wearnes, and demonstrates their commitment to the brand’s presence and growth in Asia. Rather impressively, Wearnes is actually older than the British brand itself, established in 1906 while Aston Martin was established in 1913.

The new showroom includes various facilities that Aston Martin feels is necessary to provide a proper customer experience. There are various displays throughout the showroom in gallery-style spaces which put various materials and colour choices on display. There’s also a customer lounge to allow customers to relax, with private rooms for consultation with sales staff.

The flagship model on offer is the new DB11- but there’s a long waiting list for this that stretches long into 2017 as many countries are grabbing up units faster than Aston Martin can make them. There’s no official price listed, but Wearnes estimates the price will be in the region of RM 2 Million after GST and taxes.

Since Aston Martin is largely about the bespoke experience (and when you’re dropping that much money on a car, you should be able to select what you want), customers are given a wide range of options to choose from. This also means that there is a long lead time from factory as your particular DB11 cannot be built in mass production, and it will take roughly 4 months from time of purchase to delivery of car (once Aston Martin clears that backlog, that is).





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