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BMW has created advanced battery cells that'll give their EVs more range

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BMW has created advanced battery cells that'll give their EVs more range

BMW's Neue Klasse cars which will debut in 2025, will feature battery cells that are next generation, giving their EVs more range and lower production cost.

With EVS now one of the most in-demand cars in the world, it's no surprise that manufacturers are working hard to improve them. One of the weaknesses of EVs is their batteries, as they can only provide a certain amount of energy and that they are costly. 

BMW Neue Klasse

Well, BMW has found a way to make them cheaper and more efficient as their Neue Klasse line of electric vehicles will feature advanced lithium-ion battery cells, capable of offering 30 per cent more driving range and cost 50 per cent less to manufacture.

The sixth-gen battery unit, which has been touted to be more efficient, is currently under development at the BMW Group Battery Cell Centre of Excellence in Munich, Germany. The battery cell will have a cylindrical shape with a new design that allows it to be attached directly to the vehicle's frame.

The new design is not only able to make the chassis more rigid and provide better driving dynamics, but it also contributes to cost savings of up to 50 per cent for battery pack components.

BMW Neue Klasse charging time

Charging time too has benefited from the advancement, as 10 to 80 per cent charging time will take 30 per cent less than BMW's current EV models.

The new battery cell is made via recycled cobalt, nickel and lithium materials, and the production process of the cell will use renewable energy, making it one of the world's eco-friendly battery cells.

Neue Klasse which translates to "New Class" in English is BMW's term for their next-generation vehicle platform, which will replace BMW's current Cluster Architecture (CLAR) platform used in their EVs. 

The first vehicles to use them will be built in 2025. The first two vehicles will be a compact sedan and a compact crossover, probably an EV version of the 3 Series and the X3, BMW's best-selling cars.

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