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BMW Takes Storytelling to a Whole New Level with Projection Mapping

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BMW Takes Storytelling to a Whole New Level with Projection Mapping

BMW showcased the development process and engineering expertise behind the new BMW 7 Series Sedan in a very cool way in Munich yesterday, using elaborately-staged display, aesthetic lighting installations and also 3D projection mapping.

It is said that the aim of this experiential marketing was to use innovative approaches and the latest technology to bring the essence of the BMW brand to life.

The technology used to pull this amazing feat was the “BMW Projection Mapping” installation, which uses highly advanced projection methods to visualise the design process for the BMW 7 Series Sedan.


How it works is that powerful projectors map perfectly-sized images onto a series model, showing what happened between the processes of first line drawing, all the way to clay modelling in the space of two minutes.

And while the projection mapping was taking place, an additional screen provided further background information on the respective work phases.

“Our aim is to bring visitors closer to the BMW brand through new and interactive experiences,” explains Claudette Pohl, BMW’s project manager for experiential marketing for international brand formats.

“In this project, we have found the ideal combination of ground-breaking digital ‘luxury storytelling’ and strong aesthetic appeal. As the BMW flagship and technology platform, this innovative approach to both content and medium suits the BMW 7 Series perfectly.”

Done in an effort to set a new standard for customer experience, the company said that the installation will also be on show at the BMW Welt in Munich, the BMW Brand Stores in Paris and Brussels and the BMW Driving Centre in Seoul.

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