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Can We Stop Illegal Street Racing? Like Really Stop It?


Can We Stop Illegal Street Racing? Like Really Stop It?

Ah, the age-old question that pops up every single year - how to stop illegal racing on the streets?

Every year in Malaysia for how many decades now, there's always a story of illegal street racing that ended in tragedy. The recent incident in Penang concluded with five deaths, which, unfortunately, went viral on the internet.

illegal racing penang malaysia 2022

Illegal street racing - falling on deaf ears?

All the steps and measures that have been taken by the authorities in recent years have not shown signs of slowing down, and the chase for speed down the wrong rabbit hole is getting more dangerous than ever.

It's a known fact that these illegal racers modify the heck of their machines in the name of speed - to a point where ridiculous amounts of power, together with forgoing some very important safety aspects like removing the rear brakes and running on skinny tyres with little rolling resistance all in the name of chasing thrills. 

And for what? Bragging rights and possibly a big payday from illegal bettings (and most of them don't even do it for the money, just the 'fun' in chasing speed with huge risks).

illegal racing mat rempit malaysia*Image credit: The Sun

Stop the selling of performance parts?

Since major modifications are already very illegal here in Malaysia, are the authorities doing anything about the importation of performance parts into the country? The business is obviously out there in the open, so why not just deal with that from the source?

On the other hand, the selling performance parts can be argued for the use of track racing, but even that is carried out within a certain limit. That, we can get behind. But, there must be a way to regulate the production as well as selling of these parts to ensure that they won't be used and abused on the public roads.

modified moped kapcai cub malaysia*Image credit: Autofun

This is where the authorities need to step in. We can understand that in most cases, a shortage in manpower is unavoidable. But with proper planning and allocation at the right place and time, especially during the weekend nights, increases the possibility of nipping the night in the bud (or at least slow things down substantially).

We know that things are easier said than done, but no matter how many rules and regulations (old or new) have been introduced, they won't really matter until the proper amount of enforcement is carried out (both quantity and quality).

But enforcement too while playing a vital role, can only do so much. It's the policymakers that need to step up on their game.

mat rempit malaysia illegal street racing*Image credit: Bernama

Heavier fines PLUS jail time?

In the case of illegal racing (as well as jeopardising the public's safety), stiffer penalties should be imposed (we know we sound like a parrot, but it's true).

Summons won't do any good in this case. Those with money will just pay them off, those who don't will just throw them away and 'act don't know'. Perhaps, confiscation of such illegal race machines (on the spot) paired with them being scrapped should do the trick?

That's probably the fastest way to get these bikes off the public road, but a final nail in the coffin is needed. To ensure that these habits are nipped in the bud, the promise of jail time should be highly considered.

Why not? We've seen heavier punishments being handed down for stealing a few packets of Milo and donation boxes out of desperation (jail time AND heavy fine), so why not for those who are actively and knowingly endangering society on the public roads weekend in and out?

Again, we are fully aware that these things are easier said than done, but this ongoing crap is just getting more and more ridiculous. And we're even promoting some of these fools as 'motoring icons'? Bruh...

Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

Content Producer

Sep is a firm believer in the saying "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast" rather than "When in doubt, throttle it out". Drive safely, ride defensively, and most importantly, don't get hangry.

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