Detroit 2018: 5th Generation Toyota Avalon Unveiled, New Technologies Aplenty

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Detroit 2018: 5th Generation Toyota Avalon Unveiled, New Technologies Aplenty

Toyota has take the wraps off its new North American flagship sedan, the Toyota Avalon.

The fifth generation, North American market-only large sedan is the fourth Toyota model to use the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, which debuted in the Prius. Other new models built on TNGA are the C-HR and 2017 Camry. 

With the new Avalon built around the TNGA ‘K Sedan’ platform, the longer, lower and wider sedan now packs more new technologies and features. A sophisticated multi-link rear suspension together with adaptive dampers provide better ride and handling.

With more focus on a digitized interior, the all-new Toyota Avalon is the first Toyota that offers Apple CarPlay connectivity as standard through a 9-inch capacitive touchscreen infotainment system. The driver gets a new 7-inch multi information display, flanked by traditional needle gauges.    

The all-new Avalon will continue to offer customers the option of a 3.5-litre V6 (2GR-FKS) and Toyota’s latest hybrid powertrain dubbed Toyota Hybrid Drive 2 (THS2) which features an all-new 2.5-litre engine.

The 2.5-litre Dynamic Force Engine with new breathing (electronic VVT-iE) and injection (D-4S) technologies accomplishes the highest maximum thermal efficiency of 41%, relative to other naturally aspirated petrol engines which are in the mid 30s.

THS2 in the all-new Toyota Avalon has been engineered to inspire both spirited driving and fuel consciousness. With the advancement of TNGA platform, the Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack now resides under the rear passenger seat, where previous location was taking up valuable boot space in the old Avalon.  

Toyota has not listed the performance figures of either engine, but THS2 available in the smaller Camry Hybrid delivers a system output of 208 hp and fuel efficiency of 19.5 km/L in the U.S. EPA combined cycle.  

To further improve fuel economy, the all-new Toyota Avalon features Auto Glide Control (AGC), where the transmission acts like in neutral gear to coast to a stop, rather than the traditional engine braking. 

Being a flagship sedan, the all-new Avalon places high priority on cabin ambience being library-quiet. Additional sound-deadening materials and door seals together with the profiled side mirrors make the Avalon the quietest yet.

Active Noise Control (ANC) and Engine Sound Enhancement (ESE) activate to cancel unwanted exterior noise while simultaneously enhancing the engine note via the JBL 14-speaker 1,200-watt 7.1-channel surround sound system.

While the Avalon competes with U.S. domestic models such as Buick Lacrosse, Nissan Maxima and Chrysler 300, we could have a chance to enjoy the engineering and technologies of the Avalon through Toyota’s premium brand, Lexus.

The current Lexus ES range is based on the 2014 Toyota Avalon. With the Lexus ES contributing to the brand’s market share and revenue for its dealers, it will not be a surprise that the future Lexus ES will have many of new technologies from the all-new Toyota Avalon.

The all-new Toyota Avalon is made in Kentucky, U.S. and goes on sale from Q2 2018.  

Gallery: Detroit 2018: 5th Generation Toyota Avalon Unveiled, New Technologies Aplenty

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