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Do It Yourself: A Quick Guide On How To Purchase A Fancy Vehicle Registration Number


Do It Yourself: A Quick Guide On How To Purchase A Fancy Vehicle Registration Number

A guide on how to look for that dream vehicle registration number that you have always wanted!

Vehicle registration numbers aka number plates are one of those things that place either real significance to someone or represent just another set of numbers on the car.

While some treat it as a law-abiding part of their car, some celebrate it as a sign of social stature identification or a vehicle accessory that has special meaning. Whatever it is, every car must have one.

Patriot 1 Malaysia

While its initial purpose was a means to identify cars, it has become somewhat of a cash cow for one of the government's agencies as some car owners look for specific vehicle registration numbers which will cost them a pretty dime. The collection money from vehicle registration plates has provided millions of ringgit to the Road Transport Department (JPJ), so it's no surprise that they have invested some tech making the number purchasing process easier. 

In the old days, people resorted and depended on salesmen and runners to purchase their special vehicle registration numbers, but for those who really want to grab the bull by the horns, you can simply buy these vehicle registration numbers manually at RTD or use RTD's digital platform, mySIKAP. 

To purchase specific vehicle registration numbers at RTD one only needs to go to one of their many branches, where they will be presented with a list of numbers that are on sale. A tendering process is still necessary for unique numbers (not as complicated as it sounds), but the unfavourable numbers can easily be bought on the spot.

JPJ Malaysia

For those who prefer to look and purchase these numbers online, mySikap will probably be the easiest way to do so. However, to be registered on mySIKAP, it still requires you to labouriously go to an RTD branch where you have to register and open a public mySIKAP account.   

mySIKAP is more than just a website where you can purchase a vehicle registration number though. It can also serve as a place where you can renew your driving license, apply for an international license, summons check, vehicle alterations application, application of vehicle transfer and much more.  

To register for mySIKAP you will need to bring along with you your Malaysian identification card (I.C.) as well as prepare an email address so that they can create a verification code personalised to you. Once the verification code is available you will need to go to mySIKAP's website, where you can then create your account. 

Purchasing a vehicle registration number on mySIKAP is as easy as identifying one that you like, where you can then proceed to purchase it via the many forms of online payment such as FPX, VISA or Mastercard. mySIKAP however does have its limitations as it only sells ordinary running numbers, not the unique and rare vehicle registration numbers that are most sought after.

To go for those unique and most wanted numbers, you will still have to unfortunately bid for them at RTD's other portal called JPJeBid. JPJeBid is the Online Vehicle Registration Number Bidding System initiative by the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ). 

JPJ ebid

It was created for transparency from registration to payment, not like what you will have to go through when purchasing vehicle registration numbers from middlemen. To get on JPJeBid you will still need a mySIKAP account where you can then proceed with the same process to bid for a fancy vehicle registration number. 

The bidding can start from as low as RM300 and can go all the way up to RM1.308 million ringgit which is still the record holder for the most expensive vehicle registration number plate (number plate "Patriot 1").

So bid away for that fancy number but remember, once bought, if the number is not transferred to a new car (only new vehicles) in 12 months it will be considered null and void without any refunds. For more information on how JpJeBid works, visit here


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