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Renewing Driver's License and Road Tax - Malaysians Facing Problems!


Renewing Driver's License and Road Tax - Malaysians Facing Problems!

Many Malaysians are rushing to renew their road tax and driver's license before the September 30 deadline but are facing problems with websites crashing due to high traffic.

The announcement last week of the discontinuation of the moratorium period for the renewal of Competent Driving Licences (CDL), Motor Vehicle Licences (MVL or Road Tax), Goods Driving Licences (GDL) and Public Service Vehicle (PSV) licenses have seen many Malaysians rushing to renew their road tax and driver's license.

While there are a few options to renew your road tax or driver's license, the short period that the government has set out has caused chaos across the board, with many not being able to renew their road tax and driver's license due to operation shortcomings and websites crashing due to high volume of traffic.

Let's check out some of the complaints posted online regarding this matter.

JPJ POS Malaysia UTC complaint

Over the counter at JPJ offices, UTC and Pos Malaysia

Many have tried to renew their road tax and driver's license the old school way - by doing it over the counter, but to do this, they must first make an appointment through JPJ, Pos Malaysia or UTC websites. 

JPJ POS Malaysia complaintThe problem they face is that appointments are hard to come by as they are all usually taken up within 15 minutes of the appointments being made available on the respective websites. Further complaints include that the websites cannot accommodate the amount of traffic incoming, causing it to hang.  

MyEG complaintMyEG

Those who have tried to renew their driver's license via MyEG are also facing problems. Many are posting online that they cannot renew their driver's license because MyEG does not have a photo of them in their system. 

MyEG complaint

While this might not be a problem for those who have used MyEG previously, many first-time users will face this problem as MyEG would not have a copy of their photos. Apparently, you can take a picture and upload it to the website as long as the background is white, but most of the time, the photos have been rejected by the MyEG website. 

It has also been reported that those who have successfully renewed their road tax via MyEG has yet to receive a physical copy of their road tax, but this has been an ongoing problem since the beginning of the pandemic, which will worsen now due to the number of Malaysians renewing their road tax simultaneously.


The story is much the same through JPJ's official online site, mySIKAP, as users are also facing the same problems as those trying to do it on JPJ's online concessionary, MyEG.  

mySIKAP complaint

The bulk of the problem once again is down to a picture record, and in an attempt to solve it, it seems that Malaysians are being given a run around by JPJ before they are told that they will need to come in to update their picture record.

The problem stems from the fact that JPJ will send out an appointment that is to be confirmed via email, but the email never reaches the customer. We assume the problem stems from JPJ's 50% operating capacity as well as working hours. It could also be due to the fact that they are fully bogged down due to the influx of motorists trying to renew their road tax as well as driver's license.

The government should really take a look at what's happening on the ground and reconsider the cut-off date for renewal because, after nearly a year and a half of Malaysians not renewing their road tax and driver's license, we're sure it'll take more than a month and a bit for everyone to get themselves up to date.

It is, after all, the third quarter of the year, so why not just give everybody till the end of 2021 to get up to speed?     


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