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For Every 3 Purchases Of Shell Helix Ultra Engine Oil, You Get The Fourth Pack Free

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For Every 3 Purchases Of Shell Helix Ultra Engine Oil, You Get The Fourth Pack Free

Malaysian motorists have become the first in the world to be offered the new Shell Advantage and Rewards (SHARE) loyalty programme for Shell Helix engine lubricants.

This first-of-its-kind programme seeks to reward not only the end user, but also Shell’s trade partners that facilitated in the sale of Helix engine oils, namely retailers, distributors, and workshop owners.

Motorists who purchase any of Shell Helix lubricants can access the various perks of the SHARE programme by registering online via Rewards and benefits on offer include Lazada vouchers, oil change reminders, and seasonal promotions.

Consumers of the range-topping Helix Ultra oils enjoy a buy-3-free-1 offer spread over a period of two years. The offer is valid with all Shell Helix partner workshops and is tracked by the user’s online registration details.

Signing up for the SHARE programme is executed in three simple steps:

1. Visit, or scan a QR code printed on the SHARE poster as seen below available in all partner workshops.

2. Peel the top right edge corner of the engine oil can label to obtain a 12-digit code to be keyed in for the registration process.

3. Complete your personal details in the registration form.

To qualify for the free fourth pack of oil, users are required to sign up with the SHARE and key in the 12-digit code printed on the oil pack after every purchase and top-up of the oil at a Shell Helix partner workshop.

For the workshops, Shell has developed a dedicated SHARE mobile app which they can use to engage and retain customers, manage inventories, and at the same time collect points for various dealer incentives.

Besides engaging and rewarding both consumer and trade partners, the most important benefit of the SHARE programme is perhaps the feeling of assurance. By keying in the 12-digit pin code on the oil pack and receiving an acknowledgment from the SHARE system, consumers can then be assured that their cars are being lubricated by genuine Shell Helix oils.

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