Frankfurt 2017: BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept – 600 km EV Range

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Frankfurt 2017: BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept – 600 km EV Range

Much like the ‘Next 100 vision’ concept vehicle from 2016, which hinted at the more distant future of BMWs, the i Vision Dynamics Gran Coupe concept car - ushers in a new era of BMWs that offer electric mobility as part of the company’s larger Number One > Next strategy.

The BMW i Vision Dynamics is a four-door Gran Coupe with a range of 600 km and a top speed of over 200 km/h and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just four seconds.

Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design adds, “With the i3 and i8 we have designed a revolutionary city car and a revolutionary sports car. And now the BMW i Vision Dynamics is combining electric mobility with the core values of BMW: dynamism and elegance. We are therefore demonstrating how the product range and the design language of BMW i can be evolved further into other concepts.”

Given BMW plans to expand the ‘i’ range – the i Vision Dynamics could very well point at the addition of a future four-door sedan – perhaps an i5 or i6 Gran Coupe no less.

Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management at BMW AG, Development commented, “BMW i also acts as a spearhead of innovation for our other brands. The BMW i Vision Dynamics allows us to show right now what another electric BMW might look like. And BMW has demonstrated its talent for turning visions into real life throughout its history”

Visually, the i Vision combines low-slung and wide proportions, with sleek roofline to create truly aggressive and handsome sedan. A long-wheelbase and short overhangs further enhance the car’s athletic stance and hint at the technical overall impression. Aerodynamics played a vital role in the car’s overall execution – dictating the seamless joints between body panels and the flush integration of the glasshouse with the car’s body.

The window profile is another feature of the BMW i Vision Dynamics. This styling cue, popularised on previous BMW i models, has been reimagined for the concept vehicle. BMW contends that with the arrival of autonomous vehicles – symmetrical window proportions will gain importance, allowing all occupants to have similar, spacious views of the outside.

The iconic ‘kidney grille’ has been reimagined for the i Vision concept – acting as a symbol for the company’s past and a functional component of the vehicle. Underlying sensors turn the ‘kidneys’ into an “intelligence surface”. Likewise the “four-eyed” headlights design offer a retrospective nod and but perform all lighting functions via two intricate, freestanding LED light elements.

At the rear, the i Vision Dynamic’s focal point feature are the L-shaped lights. Their slim dimensions add to the car’s detail and accentuates its wide stance on the road.

Gallery: Frankfurt 2017: BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept – 600 km EV Range

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